Zapraszamy do współpracy w ramach Europejskiej Sieci Studentów Dietetyki – ENDietS

Drodzy Studenci,

W imieniu EFAD serdecznie zapraszamy do pierwszej europejskiej organizacji zrzeszającej studentów dietetyki – ENDietS, założonej w 2014 roku na 8. Konferencji DIETS-EFAD w Atenach.

Szczegóły na stronie: http://www.efad.org/everyone/4621/5/0/32

ENDietS is addressed to every dietetic student in the world and as there is no member fee everyone can be part of it.

The student network is internationally focused and clearly embedded within the EFAD (European Federation of the Association of Dietitians), which represents the interests of all European dietetics and promotes the development of the dietetic profession.

Organisation of the network
EnDietS is lead by a voluntary executive team of student anchors and EFAD anchors to ensure coaching and the network’s sustainability, holding regular virtual meetings and attending the annual EFAD conference.

The vision of ENDietS
Our vision is to provide a platform to unite, connect and empower dietetic students.
In our network we want to share our experience and expertise in dietetics related health issues from the dietetic student’s point of view.
Our network is inspired by cultural diversity an sustainability and embraces professional interdisciplinarity and friendships.

The mission of ENDietS
ENDietS is going to promote the interaction of European dietetic students and encourages HEI’s to strengthen the bounds with EFAD and ENDietS by facilitating their students to participate in the network during the programme .

EnDietS is going to participate in international inter-professional health forums or symposia where we advocate and promote the need for dietetic professionals in various sectors. As well ENDietS participates in international interdisciplinary public health initiatives and events, and popularize a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of non-communicable diseases

With this network, we aim to develop activities for dietetic students by dietetic students and ENDietS offers us the opportunity to speak as one body in the name of European dietetic students towards other health students associations and towards policy makers. Furthermore ENDietS triggers students, HEI’s and national bodies to initiate, expand or formalize students-based initiatives and give students the opportunity to develop competences in leadership, entrepreneurship, empathy, networking, collaboration and organization.

Open for each dietetic student
We would like to welcome you to be a part of ENDietS – to become a member of ENDietS –  please click here: http://www.efad.org/survey/index.php?sid=47181&lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ENDietS/

Email: ENDietS@efad.org